Frequently Asked Questions

Does DevCAP require the installation new software?

No. The most recent advancement to the DevCAP program is the introduction of Cloud based technology. This provides the full range of services formerly offered by the Excel based tool, with the additional benefits of a Microsoft framework, allowing for fast processing, automated regular back up of data and multiple user access from any location around the world. This improved version of DevCAP offers Councils and developers the best possible platform to understand the long term financial implications of administering your DCP's.

How is the software set up?

Each DevCAP file is fully customised by Urban Enterprise to the specific characteristics of the DCP document and is delivered pre-loaded with key DCP information including the list of infrastructure, development projections, indexation mechanisms and charge areas. Urban Enterprise then provides two direct training sessions with the DevCAP users including an initial inception session and review session once operation of DevCAP has commenced.

What are the costs of purchasing DevCAP?

The costs to install and operate DevCAP vary depending on the features of the individual DCP. Please contact Urban Enterprise today for a tailored quote.

How can we be sure the program is being operated to its full potential?

Urban Enterprise will provide an audit of the DevCAP file after 12 months of use to ensure that the desired outcomes are being met. Urban Enterprise can also provide additional support including a full evaluation of DCP related administration processes to ensure that structures are in place to use the full power of DevCAP.

If Council has multiple DCPs in place can the administration be reported in one single output?

Yes. DevCAP+ Plus is an additional reporting tool that has been developed to allow for Councils with multiple DCPs to consolidate the cash flows of the DevCAP files for each DCP into one single output summary, making Council's analysis and reporting on DCP's simple.

Is DevCAP compatible with the new Infrastructure Contributions Plan (ICP) system?

Yes. DevCAP is ICP ready and can be adopted to the new ICP system.