DevCAP makes administering Development Contributions Plans simple.


DevCAP© is the most user friendly tool for the implementation of Development Contributions Plans (DCP), unmatched in the industry today. DevCAP is a fully automated online software developed by the leading team at Urban Enterprise.

With years of development and proven success in implementation, we have done the hard work to make administering DCPs easier for you.

Urban Enterprise has been pioneering the development and administration of Development Contributions for local government and developers. The result of our dedicated efforts is a streamlined easy to use all-in-one management system.


“DevCAP is an accounting interface which provides for the documentation and tracking of development rates, levy liabilities, infrastructure provision and funding. In the context of rapid and scattered urban growth, multiple types of infrastructure, long time frames and a myriad of players in the urban development process, DevCAP is a godsend”.

PIA Victorian Awards Committee

DevCAP received a Commendation in the category of 'Improving Planning Processes and Practices' at the 2013 Planning Institute of Australia Awards (VIC Division)