DevCAP Package

Flexible pricing model

The DevCAP Package is offered with a flexible pricing range which reflects the size and complexity of each individual DCP document. Call Urban Enterprise today on 9482 3888 to get a quote tailored to your development setting.

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The DevCAP Package

  • DevCAP program license

  • Custom setup of your DCP / ICP

  • Hands on training

  • Telephone support

  • 12 month audit

Additional Support

Additional support subscription

  • Annual subscription provides access to the indexation verification, annual audit of DevCAP file, telephone and email technical support and access to upgrades to the DevCAP platform.

  • DevCAP Plus+ is an additional reporting tool designed for Councils with multiple DCPs. DevCAP Plus+ consolidates the cash flows of the DevCAP files for each DCP into one single output summary making Council's analysis and reporting on DCPs simple.

Indexation Services

  • In addition to the indexation functions provided in the DevCAP program, Urban Enterprise can provide independent indexation verification services ensuring peace of mind for Councils.

DCP administration process audit

  • Urban Enterprise can provide a full evaluation of Council's DCP related administration processes and practices to ensure that the structures are in place to use the power of DevCAP to its full potential.